Frequently asked questions

What is yfrog?

yfrog lets you share photos and videos on Twitter, view all your conversations, and connect with your family and friends.

Is there a walk through or a tour of the new yfrog features?

Yes, click here to see the new yfrog features.

What's different about yfrog?

  • It's easy to use. yfrog makes sharing photos and videos extremely simple.
  • Sharing is even easier than ever. You can tweet and share your photos and videos right from anywhere on yfrog. Your friends can also share or comment on your photos and videos right from their home timeline or the landing pages.
  • Threaded conversations are now a reality! See all your friends' comments, shares and likes in one place on yfrog!
  • yfrog is served from ImageShack's back-end for high performance and reliability. This means your conversations, photos and videos are available very quickly, and your files are never lost.

How do I Tweet using yfrog?

  • From yfrog.com:
    1. Login with your Twitter username and password.
    2. Upon login, you will see your home timeline with all your Twitter conversations right away.
    3. Upload one or more photos or videos from your desktop.
    4. Type the message you want to send along with your photos.
    5. Click Post.
  • If you are a developer, you can use the yfrog APIs to share photos and post messages.

Can I use yfrog URLs outside Twitter?

Yes! yfrog photo and video URLs can be viewed from any browser, anywhere.

What are the options next to the "Live Feed" on my home page?

Called filters, clicking on the Photos, Videos or Links buttons next to the Live Feed will show you only the photos, videos or links present in the conversation.

You can always go back to the conversation by clicking on the Live Feed button.

What is a profile page?

A profile page shows that user’s Twitter activity, their photos and videos uploaded to yfrog, their followers and "followees" (those who follow them).

Profile pages give you a great way to connect with new users who may in your friends' social network.

How do I see other users' Twitter activity?

yfrog allows you to see other users' Twitter posts using their profile pages. This page will look the same as your profile page (shown when you click on the Profile button in the global navigation at the top of the page).

You can also see the photos and videos they have uploaded on yfrog in addition to the users they follow and those who follow them.

How do I follow a user I am seeing for the first time?

The posts in the conversations on your home timeline may include Twitter usernames (also called @ mentions). These usernames are automatically linked to their profile pages on yfrog. Clicking on the username will show you that user's Twitter activity over time.

A user's profile page also gives you the option to follow a user you found in your conversation.

Why should developers use yfrog's APIs?

  • yfrog has simple to use REST APIs, including one for easily getting THUMBNAILS
  • ImageShack has been hosting images since 2004 and use of the ImageShack back-end ensures high performance and reliability for yfrog
  • ImageShack has had widespread adoption of our flagship API
  • We connect to Twitter securely using the HTTPS protocol to protect the user Twitter credentials from been snooped in-transit.

What are the ways I can share something I see on my timeline?

yfrog has three ways for you to share--comments, likes and shares.

Comments let you add your thoughts to a post from a friend. Your comments are also sent to Twitter, giving you the ability to share it with your own social network.

Likes give you a way to express your appreciation which your friend will see.

Share allows you to share the original post with or without your comments on Twitter.

Are the yfrog APIs free for developers?

Yes, the yfrog APIs are free for developers. However, we do require commercial developers to ask permission via this page.

How can I keep updated about yfrog new features and APIs?

Just follow @yfrog on Twitter to learn about the latest from yfrog.

What file types does yfrog support?


  • jpeg
  • png
  • bmp
  • gif


  • flv
  • mpeg
  • mkv
  • wmv
  • mov
  • 3gp
  • mp4
  • avi
  • Many others

Please let us know if there is a file type you would like us to support. Send us a message on Twitter @yfrog.

Can I keep my photos private?

Currently, there is no way to prevent people from viewing your photos on yfrog. This means that you should not upload a photo to the internet that you do not want people to see (this is a good rule of thumb for the internet in general). Photos attached to Twitter DM's are also visible on your photos page. We are working on new privacy features and they will be a part of the next major release.